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Technical Translations

Seal of quality

My translation services comply with the European standard DIN EN 15038 - The highest seal of quality for professional translations.

The demand for technically and linguistically correct translations is a matter of course today. But how can customers be convinced of the quality of a translation that they cannot verify in detail? From the German standard DIN 2345 to the European standard DIN EN 15038The quality standard for translators has developed further on European level. In August 2006, the industry standard DIN 2345, which had been valid until then, was replaced by the European Standard

DIN EN 15038 "Translations - Services - Service requirements". Looking back on the predecessor standard DIN 2345, the "translation assignment" is no longer standardized; rather, the requirements for a translation service provider now extend to the following areas:

  • human and technical resources
  • quality and project management
  • the contractual framework conditions
  • the work processes
  • and any additional services offered.

The European standard DIN EN 15038 is aimed at translation service providers and their customers, but, like its predecessor DIN 2345, is not applicable to interpreting. The aim of DIN EN 15038 is to create transparency in the provision of the service and thus to offer assistance to the client and contractor. It is left to the contracting parties to use the standard as the contractual basis.

Benefits of DIN registration for translation service providers

Translation service providers can register their services with DIN CERTCO to be marked with the DIN EN logo. The registration is a declaration of conformity of the translator with the requirements of the European Standard, which he/she is responsible for issuing.

Providers who provide translation services that conform to standards and demonstrate this with the well-known DIN EN association mark can better position themselves in the market for translation services. The registration brings the own high quality requirements to the point. In addition, the translation service providers benefit from the Europe-wide recognition of the DIN EN association mark. The publication of all standard service providers sets them apart from the mass of other translators on the market.