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Technical Translations

Tips for clients

Here are a few tips on how to significantly reduce translation costs:

  • Provide all additional information such as graphics, photos, any existing glossaries and terminologies, comparative texts or already translated versions of your documents.
  • Do not have your texts translated until the source text is available in its final version. Later changes are usually very time-consuming and therefore cause high translation costs. However, if the translator has a translation memory system, he or she can quickly and easily inform you of the scope and cost of the changed text passages.
  • Avoid abbreviations and cumbersome sentence constructions. If you use abbreviations, write them out when they first appear, for example "abbr -- Abbreviation".
  • To calculate the approximate time required for the translation, take the source text as a basis and consider how long it took you to write this text. In most cases, the translator needs just as much time. The daily workload of a qualified translator is 9-12 pages (or 650 standard lines).
  • Often parts of the text do not need to be translated at all, e.g. participant lists within a protocol. Select the text passages to be omitted. You save cash.
  • If you wish, I can show you further savings possibilities for extensive projects even before the order is placed.

Please contact me and I will send you a non-binding offer!